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John Exama was born on the island of Haiti. At the young age of 2, his family moved to New Jersey. During his early teenage years he moved to the south Florida area where he started high school and met who would later become his wife. During his junior year of high school, he got a job as a busboy in a growing restaurant chain. After 10 years with the company, he found himself the youngest general manager in the company.


Cheanelle Exama was born on the Island of St.Thomas in the Virgin Islands. During her elementary school years, she moved to south Florida. Post high school she went on and earned her B.A. in sociology and M.S. in elementary education. 

The couple first met freshman year of highschool. They kept in touch throughout the years and began a journey together in their early 20s. They quickly realized as they dove into their careers that they were accomplished but not fulfilled. They saw each other less, missed precious moments with the family they started, and only had left over energy to dive into their passions. John and Cheanelle thought about pursuing real estate or a franchise to fix their need of more time. During the process, they were introduced to a couple who had an abundance of both time and money.  They found an everyday man opportunity (meaning with a career, kids, hobbies, dealing with life, ect) that gave them control over their time and income. After 7 years they were out of debt and had enough income coming in to have more options in life. They now teach others how to do the same.

"Trust the Journey"

Meet JayChea
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